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Water element

on Dominican Square


A new water element for Brno as a reaction to a specific area and disagreements about the appearance of the new landmark of Dominican Square. A fountain that cannot be seen, but effectively fulfills its purpose. A fountain that fits into the folklore of Brno's sculptures and events.


The fountain area is delimited by four plane trees in the middle of Dominican Square. The paved square is arid and overheated on sunny days. Plane trees that could improve the situation in the future are still suffering.  


We design a complete refreshment of the space, cooling of paving, irrigation of trees and work with microclimate. An inconspicuous but effective fountain. The golden water carpet of individual fluttering strands flows through the joints of the paving stones, just below the surface. The shimmer of the reflections is supported by the golden color of the epoxy layer in the joints. As you move through the square, one observes golden reflections.


The fountain does not become a new landmark or obstacle, it is sunk under the walking area. The water flowing down the square cools the cobblestones and evaporates. The water on the golden tray literally flows under one's feet.  

Brno, 2021 / Competition proposal - 3rd prize

Collaboration: Martin Blažek ( gimonfu. )

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