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Jan Adamus, Ondřej Bělica / Installation / Gallery Věž / Frýdek-Místek / 1 September – 30 November 2022


The multimedia exhibition interprets the vertical axis of the Tower up to its maximum. There is a penetration through the entire planet. The direction of the borehole is defined by extending the vertical of the church as a geometric normal to the earth's surface. The installation works with the creative elements of circle, spiral and light. The outer spiral of light marks the mining point, the direction of the well and, like a lighthouse, alerts visitors from kilometers away. The internal audio-visual installation creates the illusion of penetration through the earth's surface, its core, and reveals surprising findings in hitherto unexplored depths. The mission of this artistic intervention is to transform the perception of St. John's Tower in all its scales: object - architecture - city - planet.

The THROUGH project is the first in the history of site-specific installations in the Tower Gallery to deal with the tower as a complete object, without neglecting any part of the whole. The elemental shape of the circle, enhanced by light, refers to many symbolic connotations and is the overall element of the entire project inside and out: from the outer light spiral (from a distance of the circle) to the inner circle of light placed under the bells, lightly resting on massive beams and thus confirming its immaterial origin , up to an equally large, sand-defined (filled) circle of the projection surface.



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