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Miloš Forman Memorial


ČÁSLAV MILOS FORMANOV - Art competition - 3rd prize

The monument to Miloš Forman is depicted as a large circular table, standing in the middle of the crossroads, diagonally connecting the corners of Comenius Square. On the table there is a feast fixed in the form of bronze objects.

The design interprets Forman's characteristic dramaturgical space around the table, where the most important stories that Forman told so masterfully take place. There is also a certain absurdity of the situation, love for recession, gastronomy, people and deep topics.

The feast features cast objects from Forman's life, his relatives, colleagues, friends and film characters. Miloš Forman himself has his place at the table. It is a portrait of him captured through his favorite activities using significant objects. Mary, sausage, beer, cigar and Oscar.

Opposite this place are Forman's characteristic glasses and a pen through which we can look at the world, Forman's place at the table and vice versa.

This table thus becomes a public space in the center of gravity of the park and offers an opportunity to meet with a panoramic view. An important function of the sculpture is the creation of a practically usable dining table during events - M. Forman's anniversary, food festival and summer cinema.

The table should be used for joint dining, at least every year for a feast on the anniversary of Miloš Forman's birth - an already existing event of eating Forman's favorite sausage and beer. Abbreviation

to feast with Miloš Forman. Visitors will literally have dinner with Miloš Forman and become an integral part of the statue and his monument.

"As his good friends, but perhaps also the wider public know, Miloš Forman liked company and especially liked to share three ordinary things in it: good food, a good cigar and a good Mariah game."

                                                                                                                                                                                        Josefína Formanová

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