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Kysuce, landscape and people


The aim of the diploma thesis is to design an impulse which, through architecture and the creation of landscape elements in the home landscape, will help to restore the relationship between man and landscape. With small interventions of a community nature, it is possible to activate the environment and the minds of the inhabitants.


Underline the beauty of the landscape and the man in it. It is a series of landscape interventions complemented by a set of wooden buildings that are loosely inspired by local folk architecture.

Based on the knowledge of previous generations, we are able to have a meaningful dialogue with the landscape and pass on a beautiful and prosperous landscape to future generations. So how to restore the natural relationship landscape - culture - man? Perhaps much needs to be reconsidered and returned to the natural logic of landscape and architecture.


Korňa, Slovakia

2017 - 2018


Collaboration: Žaneta Mandelíková + Viktor Paluš

Visualization: Jan Adamus

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