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Bunker Pneumaticon_Ondrej Belica.jpg

Bunker Cut


The central chapter of the Bunker Kunst project is a physical act of architectural section through a bunker revealing the concept, technology, scale and corporeality of the Czechoslovak light fortification vz.37, type A-160, ŘOP 1263 in Vratěnín.


This indelible gesture leads to the deactivation of the war mission of the bunker and elevates this utilitarian monolithic unit to a sculptural-environmental object. The oblique cut opens up the impregnable structure and the physical connection between the interior and the exterior. An important moment is the letting of daylight into the concrete shelter and the visual connection with the church tower.


In opposition to the technical-historical and museum approaches to Czechoslovak fortifications, this project is moving in an experimental direction that raises the issue of post-war heritage in relation to current and future generations.  

Diamond rope cut.

Vratěnín, CZ, 2017

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