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The joint studio was created in the space of the former surgeries in the cultural monument building on the square in Frýdek-Místek. With our own efforts, we created a multifunctional space with a hairdressing salon, an architectural-sculpture studio and a residential floor. 


The main elements are wooden structures made of low-cost materials, such as roof battens, spruce boards, polycarbonate and steel profiles. Since we realized the interior for ourselves, many elements and details were created in the course of construction. 


The central motif of the salon is a triangle. The latter creates a stage, a suspended LED lamp and a mobile three-walled mirror and reception object. On the main wall, we uncovered the original paintings and created a large-format painting. Shelves made of solid spruce wood are anchored on the wall, and there is a stainless steel work surface with storage spaces on the sides. 


The studio is dominated by a slatted structure that divides the space into a work and a rest area. The space is connected to a multifunctional room and a workshop with a wooden shelving system.

Místek Square, Frýdek-Místek


Photo:Vaclav Novak

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