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Paintings made of steel sheets and wires work with their natural properties. In essence, it is a spatial linear drawing with wires and water painting, creating rust, as an artistic and painterly narrative. There is a connection between traditional materials and craftsmanship with new technologies and aesthetics on the border between minimalism and ornament. An important role in these objects is played by light, which is one of the main elements and brings images into another dimension - shadows - lines - reflection. Spatial lines thus transcend the image format and become part of their surrounding environment.

Rust is caused by a natural process - rain. The resulting work is thus an imprint of time and natural influences in a certain period.

Steel sheet / canvas + wires + water, 2013 - present


Acupuncture 101
Steel + wire + rain

140 x 110 cm

Acupuncture 100
Steel + wire + rain

140 x 110 cm

Acupuncture 100
Steel + wire + rain
140 x 110 cm


Acupuncture 102
Steel + wire
140 x 110 cm


Stainless steel + wire + water

70 x 50 cm

Two Lines
Canvas + wire + rust

140 x 90 cm

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