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Ferdinand Peroutka Memorial

The monument to Ferinand Peroutka is made up of the word PRESENCE. This term is characteristic for Peroutka, not only because it forms the title of one of the most important works of the legendary journalist - the daily Přítomnost, but also characterizes the author's entire work and fate. In his practice, he relentlessly dealt with the daily mapping of current events - the present. In his case, it was very variable, and socio-political events are strongly reflected in his literary work, opinions and life attitudes.


An important moment is also the point of view and the change of perspective on the observed facts over time and the ability to interpret them. Thanks to his constant and daily comments and influencing the present, we are able to form an idea of ​​the entire epoch from the First Republic, through the Second World War to the rise of communism, within the framework of a longer period of time - his life - through his work.


It is a minimalist typographic sculpture, which, however, thanks to the perspective deformation, creates a dimensional flat object that has a down-to-earth character. The effort is not to create a visual or spatial barrier. On the contrary, its axes point and connect surrounding objects into a single focal point. The location of the focal point of the statue is also appropriate, i.e. the legibility of the message. It is the place where Peroutka entered the park from his house. This is located at a fork in the road when a decision needs to be made as to which path to take. Consequently, with the movement of the pedestrian, intelligibility is lost and deformed in various ways, although the presence is still physically present. ​


The presence passes them by and most of the time it is imperceptible and invisible to us. It depends on the right point of view. Long live the legacy of Ferdinand Peroutka

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